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Rocky, If you are still checking these pages I wanted to say hi and thank you for the professional mentoring over the years. It's been a while and I pray you and your family are doing well in the retirement years.
Reggie L Eakins SGM USA (Ret)
Reggie L Eakins <eakinsr(replace this)>
9th ID
- Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
A Salute to all Past, Present and Future U.S.Army Rangers and Wishing a Happy Merry Christmas 2013.
Reggie Zapata C/2/75th Rangers Ft. Lewis, WA 1975-1979

Reggie Zapata <regulo-zapata(replace this)>
- Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
Hello- I'm trying to find info and pictures of my uncle. my family has no service info on my late uncle after taking care of him from cancer he wouldnt talk about his service. But i would like to learn about his time in the Army and his time in RVN. I have so far found he was in the 173 3d 503 in '68,'69 (HHC) then he was in the A/75th late '69 @ FT. Benning GA -'70 FT. Hood TX '71 1b 503 inf 173 ABN he was the rank Pt SGT. John L Cole he retired as CSM 3bn 82 ABN ft Bragg 1986
any info would be great thank you

FF. George Gerraty <gerratyinc(replace this)>
- Tuesday, November 27th, 2013
All the way!
Just found this place so I thought I would sign in and say hello.

Yes I’m still alive! Who would have thought? Say hi to Ranger Brown for me. Best to you all.
E Troop 17th Cav. 173ed ABN Brigade (Sep) L.R.R.P 1965-67

Ronald M. Davenport, Sr. <sirport(replace this)>
E Troop 17th Cav. 173rd
- Wednesday, November 13th, 2013
101st LRRPs A good outfit--As S-2, 2/17th , I worked very closely with you. Can shut my eyes and see many of you very clearly. Will never forget how you came up with the information that led to the "Great Elephant Kill" of 1968 (as many people called it) in the latter months of 1968. Thanks to your information , about 28 elephants carrying 24 x 122mm rockets each, were killed and the rockets detroyed. While most of you thought it was funny at the time, when you claimed to have found "Whale Shit" in the jungle, this was actually one of your very finest missions. I wish all of you well, Bill Fisher- PS: If your math skills are like mine(not too hot) that comes out to 672 rockets all intended for Camp Eagle.

William P. Fisher <fisherwillypete(replace this)>
2/17th Cavalry
- Wednesday, October 09th, 2013
Served with HQ Company, 2d Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment from 1986 to 1992. "RLTW"

1SG Cedric D. Davis (Ret) <cshsdavisfam(replace this)>
2d Bn, 75th RGR Regt
- Thursday, August 29th, 2013
I was a 2nd Lt. platoon leader with B company 2nd Bn. 35th Inf. Reg. during 27-30may67 Battle of Tang Phong. Remember LRRP incident well. Regards, W.A.Twyford

Walter A. Twyford <cacti_al(replace this)>
2Bn/35th Inf. Reg.
- Tuesday, August 27th, 2013
Pre-sale orders are now being taken by the author of VIETNAM WAR HELICOPTER ART, VOL 2 (Stackpole Books). The book is set for release on February 1st, 2014. Signed copies are available by check or PayPal for $24 which includes free shipping. PayPal however requires $1.00 additional fee. Also available for sale are U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES IN VIETNAM ($28.00) and VIETNAM WAR HELICOPTER ART, VOL 1 ($25.00). Orders by check are to be made payable to: John Brennan @ 17355 Via Annette, San Lorenzo, CA 94580. Thank you, John Brennan, former SP5, 114th AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta

John Brennan <johnmailman(replace this)>
114 AHC 1970-71
- Friday, August 09th, 2013
Looking for everyone who served in the 9th Div LRRPs.
Kenneth Marze, TX are you out there?

Danny Napier Hayes <danny_hayes(replace this)>
Co E 50th inf. LRRP 9th D
- Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Hello Guys, I was with Kco 75th in nam in 1970. I am trying to locate a couple of brothers that I served with, their names are Douglas C Copas and Gary Wright. If anyone knows how to contact either one are both of them please let me know are let them know that I am trying to find them. My phone number is 972 658 3845.Thanks and welcome home to all . Rangers lead the Way.

Denver Hall <denverhall88(replace this)>
K co 75th rangers
- Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
(Email got returned, hoping you are on here)
Dave Walker - Hello, my name is Stephenie Joley. I am writing you on behalf/per request of my father, Stephen A. Joley, N Company 75th Infantry Airborne Rangers 173rd Airborne Brigade. My father's friend had actually found his name in a book called Rangers at War by Shelby Stanton, which discussed an operation (during which Mike Team and Hotel Team repelled into a bomb crater and took an enemy base camp from the top). years later, as a Father's Day surprise, I had decided to try Googling my father's name to try to find any mention of him related to his service in any printed material in existence, and to my surprise, I found several books and one journal article (which happened to be written by you, as well as the book Cyclops in the Jungle), which happened to feature an in-depth description of one of the missions that my father remembers very well (he now quasi-jokingly claims that this is because it is one of the times he came very close to death - to the point where he wonders to this day why he didn't actually die). Anyway, he was so excited and proud of these books (yours in particular) and your article, and he says he remembers you and the mission you told of well. He said that if memory serves, you lost an eye due to shrapnel very early on in your service, but chose to continue on anyway (please clear up any misconceptions that may exist here - his memory is not anywhere near what it used to be, but hearing the correct information always sparks his memory). Anyway, he is not terribly computer literate and therefore asked me to please contact you on his behalf. He would love to get in contact with you and any other friends you may correspond with with whom he may have served. Any emails you send I will gladly open for him, and he can either respond or have me write his thoughts for him, but I feel certain that he would greatly prefer it if you could find the time to contact him by telephone. Getting into contact with people who understand him would be more amazing than I could explain. His home phone number is 413-525-8196 (please try this number first, as our cell phones have extremely spotty reception and may not show the call/number, if at home), and the cell phone is 413-426-4677 (for all other occasions).
Thanks so much, it will mean the world to him to hear from you!! -Stephenie

Stephen Joley <sj295741(replace this)>
N Company 75th Infantry A
- Monday, July 08th, 2013
I served with K7% 4th Id untill they went home in late 1970. Then i served with G75 23rd ID Americal untill i went home in May 1970 Looking for anyone that served in either unit during the same time.. Especillay would like to hear from Mike Stepanick Joe Kolar Jon Martin and Marvin Durham and Bill Grimes form K75 .. Also Dennis Bye from G75
Take Care Rangers
Ron Grguric

Ron Grguric <rong62(replace this)>
K75 and G75 1970-71
- Wednesday, June 26th, 2013
I am searching for anyone,family or friend,who knew Frederick William Weidner,DesMoines,Iowa..KIA may 20,1968..he served with the 4th infantry in vietnam..I never knew him when he was here on earth,but he has been a major factor in my life since 1985..please,if you can help me find family,it would mean a great deal to this old veteran..thanks

Frederick Ledden <ralphie_r(replace this)>
25th div
- Tuesday, June 25th, 2013
I served with the 1st Bde 101st Abn Div RVN from Feb 67 - Feb 68 Then I was with E/20/LRP from Mar - Seo 1868. I am conducting some research on the 1st Bde 101st Abn Div and I know we ran a one time jump course in the summer of 1967 to help fill the Bns which needed 11 Bravos. However, I have been told that the 1/101st had conducted a profiency parachute jump near Kontum in 1966. This may have been fpr a possible joint operation with the 173rd Abn Bd (Sep) who made their combat jump on Feb 22, 1968. Regardless as to why they jumped is not as important as finding out from someone or more than one trooper who may have made the jump in 1966. If anyone was on that jump I would appreciate it if you contacted me so I could get some more details. Thanks. AATW RLTW

Joey Welsh <namlrp33(replace this)>
E Co LRP 20th INF (Abn)
- Thursday, June 6, 2013
Looking for old buddy, former Ranger: TOMMIE LEE PONDER, a California private investigator who lived/lives in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles). Anyone got an e-mail / phone for him? Thanks, Rick Berg

Richard A. Berg <rickbergphd(replace this)>
1/325, 82nd ABN
- Tuesday, June 4, 2013
where are hawk recon 2/327th - tiger force recon 1/327th 101st airborne

james w. malone <jmalone(replace this)>
hawk recon 2/327 101st
- Saturday, May 25, 2013
On this Memorial Day weekend, 2013, I would like to pay homage with my deepest respect to one of your fallen comrades, Capt David B. Tucker (KIA 10/67) in Vietnam. I served under Capt. Tucker in 1967 and was one of his RTO's until July 67 when I rotated back home after my 12 mo. tour was over. He was my C.O. and It wasn't until a yr after Capt. Tucker was killed that I was made aware of his passing. I just wanted his fellow rangers and family, if they ever see this, to know that he was a fine officer, good leader and just a great person to be around. Every time I look at some of the pics I took of him while there, it is with a tear in my eye that I think of his passing. He was well respected by all who knew him. Here it is, almost 50 yrs later and I still remember him with the highest regard. I offer a hearty salute to his memory and may he rest in peace. Mike Kovitch Marietta Ga.

Mike Kovitch <kovmike(replace this)>
A Co. 2nd Bn 7th Cav
- Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I would like to share a writing I did a few years ago about Memorial Day:  How Can We Best Honor Their Memory on Memorial Day I believe we veterans are a living tribute and have a solemn duty to bestow honor upon the memory of our fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters who gave the full measure of devotion in defense of our country and in defense of each other. As I get older, the depths of my feelings and emotions mature while I seemingly become less wise. Everything, and not just physically, was somehow easier when I was younger. I no longer have all the answers I enjoyed with my youthful wisdom.

I am not sure how best to honor those who died: for me, for my brothers-in-arms, for my family, for my future and for my freedoms. One of the happiest days of my life was when I married my true love at West Point on Memorial Day, May 30th, 1970. So, when someone wishes me a "Happy Memorial Day." I can beam with the happiest thoughts and reflections of that wonderful day. However, having departed for Vietnam the day after I returned from my honeymoon, the happy thoughts are as quickly departed and replaced with the evocative memories of my fallen heroes. As I do every Memorial Day, I will return from marching with my local VFW in its annual Memorial Day Parade filled with high school marching bands, boys & girls scouts/soccer teams and hundreds of volunteer firemen. For all our parades, the veterans are always invited to lead the parade, even in front of the politicians. The small crowds lining the streets always clap the loudest for the veterans. I know they will soon dissipate to enjoy cook-outs with family & friends in this beautiful weather. I, myself, am looking forward to my own family being with us for a bar-b-que. So, to the question of how best can we honor Their Memory on Memorial Day.

There is a phrase in the bible: "Who will honor him who does not honor himself?" As living tributes, I believe we must act honorably to honor the memories of our fallen. I believe we honor the memory when we accept honor. Allow the citizens to honor us in any way they choose, whether it be clapping when we pass in review, placing us on a dais, bestowing upon us proclamations or certificates or simply being the recipients of a "Thank You!" I think it is our solemn duty to demand honor. We are the voices of the deceased; we are the reminders of the deceased; we are the living tributes of the deceased. It is our duty to rekindle patriotic fervor in the beating hearts of our country-folk, to remind them by our honorable presence of the supreme sacrifices of our fallen heroes. I truly believe we are the living medals earned by our fallen heroes. I believe our country deserves to be happy and free, because that happiness and freedom was bought with the blood of our fallen heroes. I think our fallen heroes would appreciate that our country is happy and free and would gladly accept that as a wonderful tribute to their sacrifice. So, I personally am not disturbed to note that our people wish each other a Happy Memorial Day and celebrate the onset of summer. I am also thankful. I am thankful that I once was young and soared with eagles. In my youth I did not adequately appreciate the full measure of the men with whom I served. Never again would I be in the company of men who would routinely offer up their own lives to spare mine; never again would I share unqualified trust and know that I was equally trusted. The respect, admiration, honor and love for these men with whom I served grows with each passing Memorial Day. I am thankful and prideful for all who served.

On this Memorial Day I also salute the Gold Star Families and promise to honor them with my own living tribute.
God bless all veterans!
Gary Dolan, Co C (Rgr), 75th Inf (Abn)
RHOF - 2011

Gary Dolan <gdolan(replace this)>
Co C (RGR), 75th Inf (ABN)
- Sunday, May 19, 2013
Hello, I am trying to track down information on Major William E Smith. He recently passed away and ive come into several books and documents with his personal notes that may be of some interest to your group. I dont know for sure if he was in the 75h or not, but there are a lot of indications that he was some sort of special forces. Thanks for your time. Jason Strasz  586-601-8516

Jason <jdstrasz(replace this)>
- Sunday, May 19, 2013
My cousin Richard S Ksiazkiewicz ( "Soup","Alphabet" or "KZ") was a Ranger 2/75 79-82. I saw your site and just wanted to let you know that he passed away on March 8, 2004. He had a minor bicycle accident while I was enroute the to visit him in Sarasota, FL.

Tom Engels <chiennedog(replace this)>
- Friday, May 17, 2013
Looking for anyone that knows the whereabouts of Gus P. Silo. Last know address was Houston, TX area. Miss you Bro and want to get in touch.  Smitty

Smitty <cranger333(replace this)>
A Co. 75th Rangers
- Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Aug. 1969-Nov. 13, 1969, Team Foxtrot. Any one from my team, I'd like to hear from 817-483-6638.

RJ Huckaby <papaj2279(replace this)>
N. Co. 75th Airborne Rangers
- Sunday, April 21, 2013
In reviewing the history of the US Army, I discovered that there is no Army campaign ribbon for operations in Somalia 1992-1994. Having been one of the initial joint planners and part of the JTF and UNITAF, I know the initial mission was a peace enforcement one IAW UN Charter Chp VII, (same as Korean war and Desert Storm) and UN Security Council Resolution, but that mission quickly changed during our operations as we started taking casualties (25Dec1992) and evolved, with almost daily armed conflict in Mogadishu and Kismayu, resulting in 28 KIAs, more than a hundred wounded US personnel, and 3 major battles with Somali factions, including the award of combat patches, CIBs, and even two MOH. Yet, no Army campaign streamer was ever awarded. In contrast, where we did not have any Army forces in direct conflict with Serbia in Kosovo, we have two campaign ribbons, one of which is continuing with what is clearly a peace keeping operation under Chapter VI of the UN Charter. I am trying to get the Army leadership to recognize the sacrifice of Army Soldiers in that conflict and correct a historical oversight. Write your Congressmen and women.

Michael Toler <michael.toler(replace this)>
US Army, Retired
- Monday, April 15, 2013
I dont know if this is the proper venue to post this and I apolagize if it is not. I regret to report the passing of Bob Clark aka "Sparky" who served with L Company Jan to Nov 71.
Bob was a team leader who was WIA and decorated for valor. He was also my best friend. After leaving the army and getting his degree Bob went on to successful careers in retailing and teaching. He settled in Western MA. Bob retired to NH and then FL. He passed suddenly at his home in FT Myers on Apr 18th 2012. He leaves a son his mother and father two brothers and a sister He was buried at the NH veterans cemetary. Bob was extremely proud of his service in L Company. So proud that he had it engraved on his headstone.
Joe Luongo Major U. S. Army (Retired)

Joe Luongo <joe164(replace this)>
- Monday, March 4, 2013
I was in A Co. 75th Rgn. in 1970-71, I got in the talk with another Rgn member and told him the Martha Ray came to see the company at Ft. Hood,Tx. he Didn't belived Me. Can someone confirm this. Would anyone remember. I also need to find an A Co patch. Please contact me if you know where I can find one, Thank You, RANGERS LEAD THE WAY.

Vincent Winters <tiny1151(replace this)>
A Co. 75th Rangers
- Thursday, February 7, 2013
Rangers, Need some help! My father is a vietnam vet. and fellow RANGER and Retired MSG Henry M. Oto. VA is giving him the runaround about his service in Nam. If you know him or have info. that can help please email or call. SFC Brent Oto (808) 478-8722 Mahalo and thank you for your service

Brent K. Oto <keaneoto(replace this)>
298th MFTU
- Saturday, January 26, 2013
(posted by webmaster for information)
I am a freelance television producer based in Washington, D.C. who is helping a filmmaker in Malaysia research the Battle of Bakara in Mogadishu in 1993. The filmmaker is telling the story of the Malaysian Battalion (MALBAT) who came to the aid of American forces at the Bakara Market.

Specifically, I'm trying to track down any members of the 75th who might have come in contact with any MALBAT forces during the battle. I have a few leads, but wondered whether your organization had a database of sorts where you could distribute my message?

Thank you for any assistant you can provide, but, more importantly, thank you for your service.

Sincerely, Jake Klim

Jake Klim <>
- Tuesday, January 22, 2013
RANGER RENDEZVOUS 2013 Reunion Information, Pre-registration (online & by mail) is now up on this website. You'll see the "made easy" graphic on the main page or just click here and bookmark the page. You can now pre-register (saving you and the table volunteers a lot of time when you check-in at the Airport Holiday Inn, North).  There will be special events for them women (so bring 'em with you).  You will want to check back at the website frequently between now and Rendezvous as the schedule of events firms up.  The banquet will be on Saturday evening, July 27th at the IRON WORKS in Columbus.

Dave Regenthal '68-69
- Friday, January 18, 2013
I apologize if this is not the right venue for this notification but I could not find another way. I want to let those that should care that a great soldier and Command Sergeant Major of Rangers passed on and will be missed. I am a former Marine and good friend of CSM Jim Smart for many years. He passed away at the Miami, FL. VA Hospital on January 3rd after a long battle with several health issues. Jim was a true Ranger warrior proven from the jungles of Viet Nam thru Bosnia, Desert Storm, Somalia and many more, too many to count and with a medal salad on his chest including more than one Purple Heart and other very impressive ones that he never liked to talk about them. A humble man, a proud soldier, Range and American. We spent many hours fixing the world and arguing who were better Rangers or Marines, the jury still out on that one. Jim suffered a lot on his last days, the pain at times was unbearable, and I hurt too as I sat by his side trying to comfort him. He will always be remember by all that knew him but especially those that served with him. Lead the Way my Brother�we shall meet again.
CSM James Smart was cremated locally and his ashes sent to his family in Lafayette LA., R.I.P. Ranger
Semper Fi, Ranger
Mike Farinas

Mike Farinas <mcvet(replace this)>
- Tuesday, January 8, 2013